2020 Season Update

**No camp costs for 2020**

**Full-time complimentary MASSAGE THERAPIST in camp**

**2020 prices start at 15 cents** 


Minimum expected Spring, Summer and Fall planting days: 70+

Experienced planters: 50 (expected 50/50 Male/Female camp ratio)

Crewbosses: 6

Lowest planter price: 15 cents for flat, clean, soft ground in Vanderhoof, Fort St. James, Mackenzie regions

Average price range: 17.5 cents (easy to moderate ground)

Average drive time to blocks: 40 minutes

Average block size: 100,000 trees

Number of camp moves: 4 (1.0 hour drive each)

Spring & Summer planting dates: April 28th-July 20th (Two 3-day breaks)

Fall planting dates: Aug 28th-Sept 18th


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2019 Stats


Artisan - block road
Artisan - man and his dog
Artisan -  gear
Artisan - campfire