We are pleased to offer our employees first-class facilities. Every camp component is efficiently designed, well-constructed and diligently maintained to avoid interruptions to work flow. A well running camp also allows management to focus on organizing the next planting day.


We operate a professional commercial kitchen where cooks have every tool necessary to create the best food. Our kitchen staff:

  • Deliver nutritious meals and large portions, all made from scratch.

  • Cater to meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans, allergies, and those with specific food preferences.

  • Coordinate theme nights (you name it…).

  • Provide high quality lunch spreads: almond butter, nutella, real maple syrup, 3 types of meats, 3 types of cheese, 2 types of bread, wraps, 2 spreads (hummus, baba ganoush, egg salad, tuna salad, chicken salad...)


Our comfortable, 6-stall trailer with continuous full pressure hot water has private change stalls, and a waiting lounge. You can always count on:

  • Adjustable, high pressure hot water.

  • Separate men’s and women’s area (3 showers per side).

  • Personal shower and change stalls.

  • Cosmetic and toiletries storage area.

  • Cleaned daily.

First Aid

Our first aid trailer is managed by a full-time Level 3 First Aid attendant. If you have any health issues or questions, they will be addressed in the comfort of this heated room. Our camp is equipped with:

  • 8 Level 3 Occupational First Aid attendants (one per every 8 people in camp).

  • Full-Time Registered Massage Therapist to address any physical concerns.

  • 5 Emergency transport vehicles.

Dry Tent

A high power heater is turned on whenever it rains or upon request. Your clothes and boots will be dry in the morning.

Fun Stuff

  • Wood-fired hot tub for nights-off.

  • Ping-pong table & fooseball tables.

  • Board games, card games, bocce balls...

  • HD projector for movie nights.

  • Espresso machine.

  • Camp fire pit supplied with dry wood.

  • 2000-watt Ramsa Stereo & our Rage Cage: 4 speakers and 10’ sub.

  • Love chicken (a place to leave encouraging notes for others).

  • BBQ for day-off use.

  • Other suggestions welcomed!

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