As a hard working planter, you have earned the right to know exactly what a company will do for you. By choosing to work with us you will you receive:

Above Average Prices

Prices start at 15 cents (no 13 or 14 cent trees) for our easiest, flattest and cleanest ground in the Vanderhoof, Fort St. James, and Mackenzie regions.  Prices are mostly in the 16-17 cent range with increases with land difficulty, seedling size, driving time, and planting specifications. Crews are notified of tree prices prior to the start of every block.


Full Season

You can expect 75+ total spring, summer and fall planting days, with a couple of 3 day breaks during the season. Our contracts are primarily in the Vanderhoof, Fort St. James and Mackenzie areas, which make for efficient camp moves (less than 1.0 hours between camps) and short drives (average of 35 minutes).


Structured Work Schedule

We offer a consistent 3-on 1-off work schedule, with the occasional 4 day shift to finish a contract. Whenever possible changes to the work schedule are communicated to you well in advance.


Structured Work Day

Clear start and quit times allow you to manage your time efficiently. Times are set at the beginning of each contract with crews typically leaving camp at 7:10am, and the last tree going in the ground at 5:30pm.  Daily hours worked is set at 12 hours (portal to portal).


Excellent Food

Our positive cooking teams love to warm the heart and fuel the soul—variety is the key word!  Every dinner starts with home-made bread and a hearty soup. After that anything goes… pork belly, lamb, fish/seafood, prime rib, home made burgers, to Ethiopian, Asian (pick your region), Greek, Indian, Moroccan…


Premium Camp Facilities

Our camp facilities are setting the industry standard. We support our cooks with a professional mobile kitchen; the Hollywood designed shower trailer (true story!) will be the highlight of your day.


Bi-Monthly Payroll

Payroll is processed every two weeks by direct deposit. Planters review their payroll summaries prior to processing, to ensure that you get paid for the trees you planted. Cash advances are also available throughout the season.


Positive People

We foster a healthy camp atmosphere by inviting positive and thoughtful people into the Artisan family. We always conduct in-depth interviews to ensure the right people are hired and/or come back in subsequent years.


Peer to Peer Mentoring

There is a wealth of experience in camp and we encourage the sharing of ideas and techniques so you can make the most of your planting day, season and career. Newer planters are often paired with more experienced people during the early stages of a season to foster improvement and growth.


Volunteer Ombudsperson

We recognize that treeplanting can be stressful, and that everyone has personal challenges during the season. Several volunteer ombudspersons in camp can be approached in confidence, to confer on any personal concerns. We care about our planters’ mental health as much as their physical health.


Fun Atmosphere

It is important to relax and to take your mind off work at the end of a day. For those seeking action, there is ping-pong and fooseball to blow off some competitive steam. Looking to relax? Jump in on a card or board game, start a 1000 piece puzzle or grab the bocce balls. Or count down the days until you can crank up the 2000 watt camp stereo and enjoy our legendary night-off parties and theme nights while enjoying the relaxation of a wood-fired hot tub!!. We have a dedicated fire pit in camp with seating and dry wood provided every evening. If you’re in the mood to brighten up someone’s day, leave them an inspirational note in the “Love Chicken” or set up the HD projector for movie night in the mess tent...


Safety First Approach

Artisan is SAFE certified by the BC Forest Safety Council, averaging over 97% on yearly external audits. We have a full-time Level 3 first aid attendant in camp and at least 6 others in the field. All our crewbosses are Level 1 certified, and undergo extensive training for all tasks, activities and job descriptions (certified truck & quad training, etc.).


Progressive ‘Injury Management’ and ‘Return to Work’ Program

If, at any point, you feel the onset of a potential injury please let us know so that we can offer you other work to keep you going. This pro-active program ensures that you earn money while avoiding a more serious injury. If you do injure yourself at work, we can give you meaningful alternate duties that earn you a wage while your injury heals.



We cover the costs of all necessities including:

  • Flagging tape/ribbon.
  • Personal cache tarps.
  • Dishes, cups, cutlery.
  • Tally books, pencils, plot cords.
  • Toilet paper.
  • Safety whistles.
  • Bear spray & hand held radios (when deemed necessary).


Continual improvement

There are many opportunities for you to shape Artisan into a better place to work and live. We are open to your suggestions on how to improve safety initiatives, operational efficiencies and camp atmosphere. Returning planters are always kept up to date on new developments during the off-season, and are consulted regarding potential changes to future seasons.

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