Join us in 2020

We look for enthusiastic, positive and motivated individuals who value a caring, organized and professional work environment.

Planters with BC experience that are seeking a small, safe, and efficient company should apply. On rare occasions we consider first-year planters if they possess outstanding potential.



Who Should Apply

We have three fundamental expectations of our employees:


Portrays a positive outlook on life, other people and the job. Finds a healthy balance between work and play and makes a meaningful contribution to the camp atmosphere.


Plants trees in a manner that surpasses each clients expectations.


Puts in a best effort every day. Finds ways to motivate oneself without compromising attitude and quality.

When to Apply

Most of our spots are filled by early December with the remaining spots confirmed by late February.

How to Apply

E-mail is best; tell us a bit about yourself and your planting history. Attach a resume with your application and provide at least 2 recent planting related supervisors as references. Be prepared for both a phone and in-person interview.


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