Our Mission


To be a small group of professional treeplanters who deliver a consistent and superior reforestation service by carefully managing every client’s needs.


To provide both clients and planters with the best possible reforestation experience, and to build successful, lasting relationships that focus on safety, efficiency and trust.


The Artisan Story

It was 2006 and the reforestation industry was booming: early start dates, long interior seasons, and high planter prices ruled the day. This was all great, but I noticed a gap emerging between planters and owners.

Down time from inefficient block moves, waiting for trees, poor planning and inexperienced staff resulted in long days, wasted time and less than ideal working conditions. The inconsistent quality of food and camp conditions were also frustrating. A question arose for me: wouldn’t a company that invested more in its employees benefit from their loyalty and high quality of work?

By the end of that 2006 season, casual conversations during the long drives back to camp often returned to the need for a new kind of small company—these discussions would later serve as my inspiration. It was here in a truck, while listing off possibilities for new company names, and dreaming about close knit camp-life and great contracts, that Artisan Reforestation was born.

Our first seedling was planted on May 9th, 2007, and we haven’t looked back. From the beginning, we’ve taken a grass-roots approach by operating a small, planter-centric company that delivers top notch work. We’ve consistently provided 46-52 employees with a full spring and summer season, and have developed into one of the leading reforestation organizations in BC's Central Interior.

Planting is a tough job, and so I offer you a company that values hard work, responsibility and leadership. We pride ourselves in providing rewarding contracts, first-class facilities and a positive working atmosphere, because these things make the job more enjoyable. Decisions are made from the ground up—everything starts with the planter. I like to focus on the details and I approach every situation in a fair, open minded and honest manner. As the owner and supervisor, I am always in camp to ensure safe, full and efficient days, and to quickly address employee and client concerns as they arise.

I am encouraged about the future of the reforestation industry and of Artisan’s place within it. We have developed positive relationships with some of the most reputable clients in the industry and we continue to provide them with the best possible service. Our 2020 season is entirely composed of relationship-based contracts, and we thank our clients for choosing Artisan yet again. We recognise that there are many companies to choose from and we appreciate your loyalty.

If you’re a planter and want to be part of something progressive and unique, I invite you to share your skills, personality and enthusiasm with us. We look forward to hearing from you!


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