We employ a solid group of dedicated staff to ensure each season runs smoothly. All of our staff have extensive bush experience, professional training and the necessary certification to deliver a safe and efficient service.


Responsible for coordinating all planting activity and overseeing its completion. This person (typically Peter, the owner), is the primary client contact and remains with the camp all season long.

Camp Manager

When camp is clean, organised and is running smoothly you will learn to appreciate the importance of this role. They are also the lead Level 3 first aid attendant and available for treatment/consultation at all times in camp.


Crewbosses have, on average, nearly 10 seasons of industry experience, with proven skill operating ATVs and driving resource roads. Their primary goal is to make sure the planter’s day runs smoothly, and that all quality and density specifications are met. Crewbosses are our hardest workers, and are key to ensuring Artisan’s operational success.


Experienced checkers are integral to our quality assurance and feedback systems. They continuously relay planting data to those in the field, and form the critical link between clients and planters.


Our cooks are passionate about serving nutritious, made-from-scratch meals that replenish our bodies after a hard day of work. They cater to all dietary requirements including: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, allergies, etc... They love making people happy, and we know you won’t be disappointed!


Community Involvement

We are proud to work in the welcoming community of Fort St. James, and we are grateful to all of its citizens and businesses for accepting us no matter how rough, tired, and haggard we look on our days-off.  We proud to call Fort St. James our home-away-from-home!

In 2019, we conducted our 8th annual Charity Plant, where many individuals donated part of their earnings to support a local charitable cause. Artisan matches all planter/staff donations in an effort to give something back to the Fort St. James community. We very are pleased to announce a total of $16,865.92 was raised for the Fort St. James Community Foundation this year!!!  As a group we've raised over $80,000 towards the Foundation!  We'd also like to thank our clients for making donations on behalf of the planters--thank you!


Artisan - snowday
Artisan - unloading truck
Artisan - crew